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Society for Transformation, Education and Progress (STEP) 1911003_782208641825972_6179616056706024781_o

STEP is a indigenous non-profit organization working in Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand states of India. Their Mission is to transform the lives of destitute, poor, downtrodden, outcasts and marginalized through holistic actions in North Indian states. The Vision is to see the lives of the marginalized community, destitute children, oppressed women touched and reached through multi-faceted sustainable development programs. Click here for more information!

Mission India (MI) is based in Nagpur, Central India. They have a significant Church Planting network spread through-out every state in India. Their vision is to plant churches, train leaders, and do compassion ministry. MI has an extensive Bible School program with 30 different locations, a local Seminary based in Nagpur, a medical clinic, and many children’s homes caring for over 1000 children. 1500 National missionaries are supporting through the MI network. MMF is the Canadian representative for Mission India and will be helping sponsor various programs through-out India. For Canadian donors, donate here:

Mission India

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Light of Life Compassion MinistriesJonathan

Jonathan Kandala  was a for many years a fisherman but the Lord called him to become a fisher of men. Today Jonathan works in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh state and in the surrounding villages by providing leadership training and mentoring for 38 village pastors representing 30 local churches in the area. Pastor Jonathan has also recently planted a church in the city of Vishakapatnam.

M.J. Shanti Datha – Subrabhath Mission DSC_4125

Shanti Datha left his home in Hyderabad to answer the call of God to go and work in the most needy area in North India. He works in a place that is considered the “graveyard of missionaries.” Shanti has started a church in this unreached city by meeting with other believers and praying that the Lord will bless their efforts in reaching their neighbours. 

Angel Christian Development Association (ACDA)balbir

Pastor Balbir Singh is a first generation Christian & a Sikh convert. He and his family are serving the Lord in Gurudas Pur district in Punjab around 100km from Pak-stan border.  ACDA is an incredibly fruitful ministry that plants churches in unreached village areas. They do open air crusades, children outreach programs, feeding widows, and helping the poor. Balbir works with a strong team of church planters and evangelists.

 Rev.John Sankara Rao


Rev. John came on with MMF in 2015 and is establishing a network of church planters in Northern India called Divine Ministries India (DMI). Under his leadership, this network provides training, education, and spiritual care to existing Pastors, evangelists, and ministry leaders. DMI hosts a 5 month Discipleship training programs for students who have a heart for ministry. Under his leadership, MMF supports many other church planters and evangelists (Vinod, Emmanuel, Philip, Arun, Habil, Sanjay).

 templTemple of Love India

Temple of love is a small orphanage for children who comes from destitute and deprived families in Northern India. The mission is to save the children and their parents from a life of poverty and deprivation through Christ’s love and Christian service! Many of the children come from leper colonies whose parents are unable to provide care. Temple of Love provides nurture, care, security, and education all the way to full  professional training for students.

Joel & Stephanie

Joel and SJoeltephanie have been living in Asia for the last two years with their two year old son Atticus and their six month old daughter Evelyn. They are currently focusing on language studies, relationships, and leadership development. The average week includes language classes, grocery shopping, spending time building relationships with local people, and leading brothers and sisters in personal and ministry development. They are growing the Kingdom through relationships and are seeing fruit through in their ministry.