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Church at Little Belize

A brand new church plant has been established in an Old Mennonite Colony in Belize. Ten families have come to know Christ in a real way and have broken free from the bondage of legalism and empty tradition. MMF is helping establish a ministry site and building program for this new movement which will include a church, school, library, and missionary residence. The current focus is on training church leaders and establishing ministry outreach.


David and SiOnt 2014_0847eglinde Toews

Ont 2014_0826-2The Toews family produces Low German Music and Low German radio broadcasting that reach people in Bolivia and all over the world. They support and educate worship leaders and partner with local     churches in reaching youth and children through outreach programs and camps. Through their songs on radio broadcasting, the Toews reach people who are a part of very closed and restrictive Mennonite communities.

 Rudy, Wilma & Giovanni Toews

Rudy Toeves

Rudy and Wilma have an extensive ministry in Bolivia working with the Low German Mennonites. They visit the colonies, distributing Bibles  and sharing the Gospel. They do street ministry in Sant Cruz and discipleship ministry at Guia de Paz Rehab center for men and woman. The Toews also help in the local Church with singing, prayer groups, teaching Sunday school and youth leadership development. They work with the Mission board and help build houses for people that need to get out of the old colony.

Check out their new blog to keep up to date on their ministry! 


Trudy Buhler 

Trudy Buhler started her ministry in Bolivia in the fall of 2012. She was born in Bolivia and after her conversion to Jesus Christ she was able to come to Canada to learn the English language and to improve her education. Trudy is now working at the Mennonite Zemtrum in Santa Cruz, Boliva, working in administration and book-keeping. Trudy is also involved in the distribution of Low German Bibles and other Christian literature. She serves in the local church with children and youth as well.


IMG_0684 (2)Gerhard and Susanna Fehr

The Fehr’s work among indigenous Spanish speaking churches and the old Mennonite colonies through-out the country. He Pastors a few churches, translates Christian literature from Spanish to low German, and works with many youth. Just recently, he baptized 20 new believers. Gerhard and Susana spend much of their time reaching out to Low German speaking people, sharing with them the Good News of Jesus.


Bryan and Terry Harms Bryan

Bryan and Terry Harms are developing a ministry center in the downtown core of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, with the purpose of establishing a new outreach to unchurched in the area.  Plans are to also use the center as a base for encouraging and coaching new church-planters for the mountain cities of Rio Grande do Sul, and for church planters in the Christian Associates network, and to launch in November, 2013. Bryan, born of missionary parents, and Terry, a native of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, have been involved with church-planting and the training of Brazilian leaders from 1985 to 1994, and 2007 to the present. They have two grown children, Samuel (10/1988) and Sara (9/1986), both resident in Abbotsford, BC.

8408529Associacao Menonita Beneficiente-AMB

AMB is a Mennonite missionary organization, located in the colony Witmarsum – Palmeira, Paraná, Brazil. We aim to practice love of neighbor as Jesus himself did. As it is written in Matthew, we want to preach the gospel to the body, soul and spirit.Together with our friends want to alleviate poverty in the villages, helping people in need, so they have the ability to have a better life and greater dignity. Help us, please come to our missionary work. More information about the work of AMB, its various projects and the difference that the AMB is doing you will find on this page. Our goal is to offer help that leads to self-help. www.missaoamb.org


Yuri & Kerry Mondal 

Yuri and Kerry Mondal are the on site directors of Casa Angelina; an orphanage founded by Ivan & Kimberly Tait of What Matters Ministries and Missions.  They have been serving at Casa Angelina for the past 10 1/2 years.

Every day they live the dream of rescuing orphans, and their example, in turn, has a profound effect on the lives and dreams of each child. They have become an uncle and aunt to these children, as well as important guardians. Together they share in the incredible journey and responsibility of rescuing, protecting, rebuilding, and turning each “orphan into royalty” at Casa Angelina for generations to come.   

Luis Carlos CastilloLuis

Luis and his family work in the beautiful Guatemalan city of Antigua. His passion is working with youth, helping transform the next generation of Guatemala. He and his 5 staff and 12 volunteer team work in the local high schools teaching Christian ethics and values. Through his connections, he has started youth groups around the area.

You can visit his ministry page @ www.asociacionnuevageneracion.org. MMF has also partnered with Luis in building homes for widows and low income Mayan families in need. Luis hosts many short term mission teams as well.

 Conexions GuatemalaConx

Since 2001, our small group of Canadians has been partnering with local Guatemalans who are changing their country. Conexions has helped with orphanages, seniors’ homes, AIDS hospices, building projects, schools, computer labs, scholarship programs, disaster relief, English training, mobile medical clinics, and much more.  Today, we primarily support trusted, local, self-sufficient entrepreneurs who run volunteer programs in the Lake Atitlan area, including a leadership development program for teenagers, and a health-care education clinic. For more information on Conexion Guatemala please go to:www.guatemalaconexions.org


John Wall 

Based in Veracruz, Mexico, John and his family minister as a support to newly planted village churches  by providing regular visits, Pastoral networking, educational training and equipping, and helping with humanitarian relief where needed most. He and his team also run 2 ministries: Rancho Esperanza – a retreat centre, and Light of Life Private School – a Christian education school for local children and orphans.


Jose and Justine Beato (Dominican Republic)

Justine Beato (recently married) and her husband work in the Dominican Republic. Justine ministers in a christian discipleship school called Doulos Discovery school. Her husband, Jose works for Younglife. God has been using Doulos in many ways to educate and equip students to impact the Dominican Republic.  Justine leads  bible study and reached out the the girls at the school. One of Justine’s favourite things about Doulos is sharing Jesus in everyday life. You can check out her blog here

colour-1Janice Esau

 Janice has recently joined Justine as a Junior High School Teacher at Doulos Discovery School.



Based in the neglected country-side of Haiti, JeJim seeks to be a Christian witness by reaching out primarily to children and youth through educational training and holistic ministry. Their mission: “To provide for those many needs our team will focus on the children and the youth to form a godly generation without neglecting others.  In the vision I see churches, schools, hospitals, guest houses, orphanages, factories, all manner of things that can help the people of God to be established in spiritual foundations, education, health and jobs. ” Luther Rocher


ninotteNinotte Lubin (Haiti)

Ninotte is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives. She is establishing a new birth centre in Grand Bassin (Terrier-Rouge), North East of Haiti. Her vision to help improve the impoverish situation of many woman and children in Haiti through training, education, and Christian discipleship. Through her ministry as a midwife and with her clinic, Ninotte’s dream is to help make tangible changes in her own country by offering a healthier vision of motherhood, raising children, and Christian life. To learn more about the Centre, check out: http://www.gracebirthcenter.org