logo_1_transparent Music Mission Ukraine Canada

Music Mission Ukraine Canada (MMUC) exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide humanitarian assistance to the needy, including internally displaced people, widows and orphans in Ukraine. Through Bibles, great sacred classical musical masterpieces that come from scripture, Bible studies and camps, educational programs, Biblical preaching, teaching and discipleship, MMUC is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through Ukrainian musicians in the Kyiv Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (KSOC) the gospel is shared through friendship-evangelism concerts in Ukraine and sacred concerts in Canada. Through MMUC, needy Ukrainians receive humanitarian assistance in the form of food, clothing, blankets, medicine, eye care, shelter and other essential living supplies.

WORT unt TAT wort

Under the direction of Waldemar Klassen (picture Apr 24th 003 ) Wort und Tat is helping the Gypsy people of West Ukraine by helping  in the construction of new church buildings, supporting pastors, and planning and carrying out children camps during the summer months.


The Table Gathering

Eunice Mitchell and Helen Sedikh are the founders of this unique ministry based in KieUntitledv that reaches orphaned women through hospitality and relationships.  The Table Gathering offer young women much needed life skills, medical help when needed, and most importantly, Christian relationships in the context of intimate community.





Zolotaryov's FmilyAndriy and Lyuda Zolotaryov

Working in the desperate areas of Ukraine, the Zolotaryov’s provide materials, medical supplies, and spiritual support for IDPs who moved to Zaporizhzhya and Zaporizhzhya oblast. They help provide support with food essential supplies, and medicine to people (mainly elderly, sick and special needs) who live in the conflict zone and non government control area, where resources are very limited.




SAM_4359Dmytro Zolotarov,

Dmytro is a travelling preacher who ministers in many different churches through the country. He is youth minister and counsellor and works with the homeless through humanitarian efforts.




Adopt a Widow Program

Our own project in the Ukraine, MMF is supporting widows who have been displaced by the war or have lost their husbands and have very little means to support themselves. For $50 month, you can sponsor a widow which will provide essential needs such as medicine, food, heating bills, and other critical needs.  As well, they will receive a visit every 1-2 weeks and a community gathering once every few months. We currently sponsor 20 widows a month. Our goal is to reach 100 by 2017. If you would like to support a widow, please see our donation page and designate your giving to “adopt a widows program.” 

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