Central America & Caribbean


Church at Little Belize

A brand new church plant has been established in an Old Mennonite Colony in Belize. Ten families have come to know Christ in a real way and have broken free from the bondage of legalism and empty tradition. MMF is helping establish a ministry site and building program for this new movement which will include a church, school, library, and missionary residence. The current focus is on training church leaders and establishing ministry outreach.

Belize Camping Experience

“Belize Camping Experience is an exciting ministry that reaches children and youth through camping programs. Led by Alexander and Leah Perez, BCE and their staff run Bible day camps all summer long and then follow up through supporting local community leaders who directly support the children who attended camps.  They are developing a year-long leadership program and work through out the year in local schools and churches. Their mandate, “Belize Changing Belize” puts the focus on local leadership training up local disciples who change their communities!” Donations made and designated to BCE go to supporting the salary of the workers and special projects approved by their local board of directors.


Yuri & Kerry Mondal

Yuri and Kerry Mondal are the on site directors of Casa Angelina; an orphanage founded by Ivan & Kimberly Tait of What Matters Ministries and Missions. They have been serving at Casa Angelina for the past 10 1/2 years.
Every day they live the dream of rescuing orphans, and their example, in turn, has a profound effect on the lives and dreams of each child. They have become an uncle and aunt to these children, as well as important guardians. Together they share in the incredible journey and responsibility of rescuing, protecting, rebuilding, and turning each “orphan into royalty” at Casa Angelina for generations to come.

Luis Carlos Castillo

Luis and his family work in the beautiful Guatemalan city of Antigua. His passion is working with youth, helping transform the next generation of Guatemala. He and his 5 staff and 12 volunteer team work in the local high schools teaching Christian ethics and values. Through his connections, he has started youth groups around the area. MMF has also partnered with Luis in building homes for widows and low-income Mayan families in need. Luis hosts many short term mission teams as well.

Guatemala Conexions

Since 2001, our small group of Canadians has been partnering with local Guatemalans who are changing their country. Conexions has helped with orphanages, seniors’ homes, AIDS hospices, building projects, schools, computer labs, scholarship programs, disaster relief, English training, mobile medical clinics, and much more. Today, we primarily support trusted, local, self-sufficient entrepreneurs who run volunteer programs in the Lake Atitlan area, including a leadership development program for teenagers, and a health-care education clinic. Our partners are Forjando Mi Manana and Dr.Fransisco.

Forjando Mi Mañana

Forjando Mi Manana was started by Candelaria and Gregorio Garcia, our partners in Panajachel, Guatemala. They are self-made entrepreneurs who both grew up in poverty in the villages near Panajachel, speaking Kakchiquel, the Mayan dialect.

Candelaria and Gregorio own a Spanish school, and in their spare time, they have an exceptional talent for finding 13-year-old economic dropouts from rural villages, then training and refining them into talented, multi-lingual, confident, 18-year-old entrepreneurs. They are developing 30+ teenagers in their intensive leadership development program, including school tuition and leadership coaching. They also help provide education and development to local Mayan communities through Learning Centres and nutritional programs.

Doctor Francisco

Dr Fransisco and his wife Carina operate a clinic in San Pedro where he is the only doctor who speaks the Mayan language. He spends 20% of his time treating can-pay patients in Guatemala City, in order to volunteer 80% of his time treating can’t-pay patients in San Pedro. The clinic has a surgical centre that offer surgeries to local people in a safe, hygienic environment, in the Tzutujil language they understand and trust.

Travis Dyck

Travis grew up on the prairies of Manitoba, Canada. He first visited Guatemala in high school and fell in love with the people and the culture. He connected with Kids Alive in 2016 while teaching English at a nearby school in Guatemala.
While spending time at Oasis, Travis was moved not only by the deep hurt of the rescued girls, but also by their resilience and hope as they pursue justice and healing. Since then, he has completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Canadian Mennonite University and felt the Lord’s call to return to Guatemala and serve with Kids Alive at Oasis. His desire is to see hurting young women grow into their full potential through understanding the deep love that God has for them as HIS daughters. He hopes to provide opportunity for them to obtain the practical skills needed for success. He teaches English to the residents, graduates, and program staff. He also contributes to business initiatives that benefit Oasis graduates by providing support, focused growth, and strategic direction.


John Wall Personal Support

Based in Veracruz, Mexico, John and his family minister as a support to newly planted village churches by providing regular visits. Pastoral networking, educational training and equipping, and helping with humanitarian relief where needed most. He and his team also run 2 ministries: Rancho Esperanza – a retreat centre, and Light of Life Private School – a Christian education school for local children and orphans.


Janice Esau

Janice ministers in a christian discipleship school called Doulos Discovery school.
God has been using Doulos in many ways to educate and equip students to impact the Dominican Republic. Janice teaches Junior High School.

Paul & Marcie Cooper - Kids Alive

Paul and Marcie Cooper are missionaries in Dominican Republic with Kids Alive. Since 2009 Paul had been a principal at Centro Educativo ANIJA, but has recently changed his position to a teaching role with an additional focus on planning for the ANIJA’s high school extension. Marcie fundraises and communicates regularly with donors and sponsors.

JeJim Haiti

Based in the neglected country-side of Haiti, JeJim seeks to be a Christian witness by reaching out primarily to children and youth through educational training and holistic ministry. Their mission: “… focus on the children and the youth to form a godly generation without neglecting others. In the vision I see churches, schools, hospitals, guest houses, orphanages, factories, all manner of things that can help the people of God to be established in spiritual foundations, education, health and jobs. ” Luther Rocher

Melissa Friesen

Melissa is a long term missionary in Haiti. She serves in a children’s home called Chosen and Cherished Ministry, Along with her ministry there, Melissa leads a woman’s Bible study and serves at Quisqueya Chapel.

Naomi Frose - RAVE

RAVE: Based in Haiti, this non-profit seeks to empower Haitians through a broad range of educational opportunities. Rave offers a business training program (Rave Biz) that seeks to empower single mothers and fathers through business training and micro-financing opportunities. The participants go through a training program and are given business mentors as they seek to provide for their families and improve their lives. Naomi Froese is the Canadian liaison who travels and advocates for the program. She works closely with RAVE academy staff and Canadian stakeholders.