South America

Low German Ministry

David & Sieglinde Toews

The Toews family produces Low German Music and Low German radio broadcasting that reach people in Bolivia and all over the world. They support and educate worship leaders and partner with local churches in reaching youth and children through outreach programs and camps. Through their songs on radio broadcasting, the Toews reach people who are a part of very closed and restrictive Mennonite communities.

Wilfred & Margaret Unrau

The Unrau’s are engaged in Low German Speaking ministry with MMF. They will be visiting Belize, Mexico, Bolivia, and other countries in Central/South America to help oversee church planting and evangelism among the Old Mennonite Colonies. They have extensive Global Missions experience and are excited to be now focussing on Low German Speaking ministry.

Deidrich & Nettie Friesen

Previously missionaries in Belize, the Friesen family now live in Manitoba and minister to the low German speaking people primarily through music. While in North America, they raise money for valuable resources and then travel to South America and provide to the Mennonite colonies while ministering to them through music and preaching. They help translate devotionals, children’s curriculum and other much needed resources for the church.

Andrew & Deanna Friesen

Living in LaCrete, Alberta, Andrew and Deanna have a heart for Low German Speaking People all over the world. Like their parents, they use music as their medium to minister. Andrew and Deanna have travelled to Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, and Belize to share the Gospel with Mennonites. Along with their music, they translate Christian resources into Low German so that the people have access to devotionals and Sunday School material in their own language.

Jason Friesen

Jason Friesen grew up on the mission field where his parents ministered to Low German Mennonites. While currently living in Manitoba, Canada, with his wife, Teya, and daughter, Soren, Jason has travelled across North and South America to bring the Gospel message to others through music. Together with his parents, Diedrich and Nettie Friesen, of D’Friesens Music and More, he creates, records, and performs music, translates materials, and provides other Gospel and music-related resources to the Low German-speaking people in their own language. Another of his roles is to provide computer tech support and graphic design for this ministry. 

Margarita Sawatzky

Margarita is running the Online Radio, RadioPlaut, is accessible online for individual listeners and Radio Stations across the worls. RadioPlaut is completely in Plautdietsch- a Low German dialect. Programs and playlists are created in partnership with other MMF missionaries and Christian bands whose goal is to share the Gosple of Jesus Christ to the Low Gernam people group.

Koby Wiebe

Koby and his wife are involved in a retreat deliverance ministry called Men’s Encounter ( They are currently taking place in AB, MB, ON, Texas, Mexico, Belize, and will start in Bolivia in 2020. The retreat is an event where 100 men or women attend for a weekend in order to hear the gospel and learn that Jesus is our only way to deliverance and living a free life. This ministry is an amazing tool that has helped set free many Old colony Mennonite people from bondage and legalism and to put them on the right track.

Jacob Giesbrecht

Jacob is a Pastor and Evangelist. His vision is to help lead the church in Winkler, Manitoba, and base from there in order to travel around Canada and other countries in the ministry of preaching, teaching, and evangelizing. Jacob has preached in the Philippines, Guyana, Trinidad, Liberia and Sierra Lion. He also has a great burden for the Mennonite people.


The 1Gloowen Network exists to be a partner with churches and organizations to facilitate outreach to Low German (LG) speaking people. Its primarely missions is to prepare and sent workers into the spiritual harvest field among LG people throughout the Americans, by Networking together with leaders from our partnering churches and organizations.


Rudy & WilmaToews

Rudy and Wilma have an extensive ministry in Bolivia working with the Low German Mennonites. They visit the colonies, distributing Bibles and sharing the Gospel. They do street ministry in Sant Cruz and discipleship ministry at Guia de Paz Rehab center for men and woman. The Toews also help in the local Church with singing, prayer groups, teaching Sunday school and youth leadership development. They work with the Mission board and help build houses for people that need to get out of the old colony.
Check out their new blog to keep up to date on their ministry!

Trudy Buhler

Trudy Buhler started her ministry in Bolivia in the fall of 2012. She was born in Bolivia and after her conversion to Jesus Christ she was able to come to Canada to learn the English language and to improve her education.
Trudy is now working at the Mennonite Zemtrum in Santa Cruz, Boliva, working in administration and book-keeping.
Trudy is also involved in the distribution of Low German Bibles and other Christian literature. She serves in the local church with children and youth as well.

Gerhard & Susanna Fehr

The Fehr’s work among indigenous Spanish speaking churches and the Old Mennonite colonies throughout Bolivia. They travel to different Bolivian and Mennonite events and churches during the Year on various occasions to minister the word of God through songs of praise, worship, and preaching.  The Fehr’s pastor three Spanish churches in different communities, as supervise a fourth, newly founded church in the town of Guarayos.  




Bryan & Terry Harms

Bryan and Terry Harms are developing a ministry center in the downtown core of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, with the purpose of establishing a new outreach to unchurched in the area. Plans are to also use the center as a base for encouraging and coaching new church-planters for the mountain cities of Rio Grande do Sul, and for church planters in the Christian Associates network, and to launch in November, 2013. Bryan, born of missionary parents, and Terry, a native of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, have been involved with church-planting and the training of Brazilian leaders from 1985 to 1994, and 2007 to the present.



TESAKA is an organization in Paraguay that focusses on integral, inclusive and participatory rural development. Their approach is to accompany and give prominence to the beneficiaries by giving them tools and strategies to design, develop and execute their own vision of life. Through their ministry, people are provided detailed and practical coaching in personal and professional growth. TESAKA encourages and promotes cooperative structures necessary for the development of the community.