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General Fund

Andrew and Deanna Friesen

Abhijit & Mita

Andriy & Luda Zolotarov

Arlyn VanEnns – Personal Support

Arlyn VanEnns – Projects 

Ajay Caleb

ACDA – Balbir Singh

Belize Camping Experience

Bryan & Terry Harms

Babu & Danae Kigongo – All Stars in Africa

Blayne Greiner

Canadian Civility Project

Church at Little Belize

David & Sieglinde Toews

Deidrich and Nettie Friesen


Francis & Adrienne Mugwanya

Gary Cropley

Gerhard & Susanna Fehr

Guatemala – Conexions

Guatemala – Doctor Francisco

Guatemala – English House

Guatemala – Forjando Mi Mañana

Hope Community Centre

     HANDS Canada                  

Indi Village Ministry             

John Sankara Rao (Divine Ministry Ntwk)

Janice Esau

JeJim Haiti

Jacob Giesbrecht

John Wall – Personal Support

John Wall – Projects 

Jonathan Kandala – Light of Life

Jason Friesen

Kelvin & Nikole Opiyo – Hope Matters

Koby Wiebe

Khosto Mokitimi – BBL Ministry

Kassanda Seed School

Luis Carlos Castillo

Marv Penner

Melissa Friesen

Margarita Sawatzky – RadioPlaut

Naomi Frose – RAVE Academy

Peter and Neta Friesen

Paul & Marcie Cooper – Kids Alive

Rescue Network Nepal

Rudy and WilmaToews

Saliem Kievit

STEP International

Tom and Helen Froese

Travis Dyck

Temple of Love India

Thoughts About God

Temcy Foundation

Trudy Buhler

The Table Gathering

Ukraine Humanitarian Programs

Yuri & Kerry Mondal


Wilfred & Margaret Unrau


Zlata Zolotarova