Ukraine Humanitarian Programs

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We work in 4 areas in Ukraine that focus on relief and development:

  • Care for seniors with “Golden Years” Project
  • Care for previously orphaned women and their children
  • War Relief
  • Help Displaced Ukrainian Families that came to Abbotsford 

We are currently providing food, clothes , hygienic items, and medication for people who have fled from the war effected areas. We continue to provide support on a spiritual, emotional and financial level for people who decided to stay.

"Golden Years" Project

This ministry as well as war relief is run by Andriy and Lyudmila Zolotaryov, our longest-standing missionaries.

The main goal of the “Golden Years” project is to help local churches to restore and develop the potential that God has put in every senior by reactivating their potential (abilities, spiritual gifts, and life experience). The desire is to motivate church members and the local community to better understand the needs of seniors and better respond to those needs. this way could receive both joy and glorify God. Together with several other organizations, 17 local churches, more than 40 volunteers this project reaches 500+ seniors. Every year there are more churches that want to start the project in their church.

What does this ministry look like in practice? It means taking care of seniors on three levels: spiritual, emotional, and physical. Spiritual care is provided through phone calls, visits, one-on-one and group scripture study, Caring for seniors in their spiritual needs is a top priority. The emotional needs of seniors are met through intentional relationships. A variety of programs are provided such as crafts, knitting, cooking, sewing, painting, and Nordic walking. These activities provide a deeper sense of both community and personal value. Physical care is administered through meals, exercise and education about proper nutrition. In addition, food packages and essential needs are also provided for the seniors. 

To Learn More About “Golden Years” Project: 

Declaring good News of Jesus Christ and bringing hope with a focus on widows and marginalized women and their children in Kyiv through means of Bible study, home care, home care and humanitarian assistance. Our national missionary in Kyiv, Nelli, provides regular counselling, mentorship, and friendship through personal meetings during the week. Weekly Bible Studies and foundational Family Table Dinners are available for women and their children at Nelli’s church. 

The Family Table also provides help with leading a Golden Year project at a local church. Together with a team from the church, every two weeks Nelli runs seniors programs to encourage them and shares the Word of God. The seniors are so thankful for the opportunity to meet together.