Ukraine Humanitarian Programs

We work in 3 areas in Ukraine that include both relief and development projects:

IDP’s and Victims of War
Business start up with Sustainable Livelihood Project
Care for Widows with our Adopt a Widow Project

In terms of relief, we provide financial, physical and emotional support for the critical needs as they arise in the life of Ukrainians, who lack support: paying for heat, providing food, looking after the homeless, offering shelter, medical assistance, & counselling.

Sustainable Livelihood project involves providing micro-loans for business start ups to help people who have lost everything to get themselves re-established and provide for their families again.

Adopt a Widow Program allows individual sponsors to support a widow in the Ukraine for $60 a month. These funds help with critical needs that elderly have, provide weekly visits by our Ukrainian volunteers and community gatherings for care and support.

To learn more about Adopt a Widow program, download brochure here: