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New Hope Center

New Hope Center provides various training and activities to assist personal development and social integration of children from families in crises, improve and strengthen relationships in these families, as well as prevent destructive behavior that could ruin individuals and community. Besides this, New Hope Center provides assistance in school studies for children and vocational training for adults.
With the help of MMF they will be able to offer families healing herapeutic retreats, where 2-3 families can come for a weekend to a ministry center and receive individual therapy from New Hope Center staff who accompanies them. They will use these opportunities to serve them holistically and help their souls to heal and spirit to connect with the great Healer.

The Family Table

Based in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, TFT is a ministry focussed on caring for marginalized women (once orphaned and their children). Through Bible Studies, home care, family gatherings and humanitarian assistance, this community of woman are well cared for. MMF employees, two fantastic national Ukrainian women: Linda and Nelli, who provide all the care, administration, and Pastoral counsel for the ministry. TFT also includes monthly care for 30 widows who are in need.  As well as helping with essential necessities, cleaning, hair cuts, and spiritual counsel are provided for the widows. This care is provided by the woman who are part of the TFT program.


Andriy & Luda Zolotarov

Working in the desperate areas of Ukraine, the Zolotaryov’s provide materials, medical supplies, and spiritual support for IDPs who moved to Zaporizhzhya and Zaporizhzhya oblast.
They support people through providing food essential supplies, and medicine to people (mainly elderly, sick and special needs) who live in the conflict zone and non-government control area, where resources are very limited.
Through Andriy and Luda, MMF cares for 70 seniors (Golden Years Program) who are suffering from poverty and lack of care mainly due to the current war and economic crisis.