North India Ministry

Northern India Outreach

Church Planting

North India is one of the most unreached areas of the world in terms of reaching people with the Good News of Jesus. We believe that churches are God’s primary tool to impact communities and share the message of God’s Love. Our church planting efforts focus on training and supporting local indigenous Pastors who have a passion to proclaim the Gospel. We support young church planters for 5 years with the intention that they will become self-sustaining after that. Almost all of our church planters are working among unreached people groups. Through these church planters and the communities of faith that they are establishing, we are seeing a great movement of God as many people are coming to faith in Jesus! We currently support 81 church planters and we plan to be at 100 by the end of 2023.


To support our North India Ministry, please donate to DMI. All funds will go to supporting new church planters and DTS programs.

Biblical Education

One of the greatest needs right now in North India is Biblical Education. “The Harvest is Ripe, but the workers are few,” rings very true in this area of the world. Nine years ago, MMF established a 5 month training School (DTS) to help equip and release young adults for a life of ministry. The first 3 months is spent in the classroom learning about Biblical discipleship, Christian ministry, evangelism & church planting, and Christian character. The last 2 months are spent doing ministry internships with local churches where the focus is evangelism and church growth. All the students pay some fees, but they are very minimal as they come from poor communities and family’s.



To date, we have run twelve DTS’s which has trained over 200 students. Many of the graduates are now planting churches and doing community development through-out North India. Of the 81 church planters we currently support, over 75% of them were trained at a DTS. It’s a proven and effective leadership course that is training National leaders!