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Blayne Greiner

Blayne started Youth Unlimited in 1994 and is based in Monroe, WA. His ministry is all about reaching into the lives of youth with the love of God by coming alongside the local church in teaching, training and reaching the youth for their community. Youth Unlimited aggresively reaches out to “at-risk” kids like goths, drug addicts, homeless, abused children and kids failing in school. Blayne leads mission trips to Guatemala and Mexico every year with the youth he works with. Blayne is married to Betty and they have three children.

Gary Cropley

Gary has been in ministry since 1977 with Youth for Christ and under the umbrella of his Church and now MMF. He focused on youth work for 35 plus years. Then the last 8 years as a Company Chaplain for 15 stores transitioned him into more adult ministry. Now in his role as a Community Chaplain Gary is following up on the many community contacts he has made over the years. Through connecting with individuals and through various men’s groups Gary mentors many. Gary also continues promoting, funding and leading service trips to Guatemala and Mexico. ” Serving Christ through loving our neighbor
in whatever ways one can” is a consistent theme in his ministry.


Freedom Reins Equine Connections have a unique calling to bring the love of God within reach by drawing near to the horse. Located in the Lower Mainland of B.C., Freedom Reins aims to promote wellness and the healing process by facilitating a therapeutic encounter with horses. Young women struggling with addictions and food disorders are regulars at the ‘ranch’. We have the privilege of hosting groups such as Mercy Ministries, House of Hope and the women’s Teen Challenge. Freedom Reins is a Christian organization. We consider ourselves to be twice blessed. Blessed by what we receive from the horse. And secondly, blessed by sharing that with others.

Abhijit & Mita

Currently based in Abbotsford, BC, Abhijit & Mita are connecting, networking with various churches, individuals and ministries in the Western world. Their goal is to bring awareness, build bridges and create partnerships between churches, ministries in the West with the indigenous missions and Christian workers in South Asia.

Marv Penner

In a partnership with All About Youth, Canada and Youth Ministry International, Dr. Marv has joined MMF to help provide training for young leaders in seminaries around the world who do not have adequately trained youth ministry faculty. These seminaries recognize the importance of training youth workers, so have invited experienced trainers like Marv to join their faculty for one week intensive courses. Dr. Marv Penner has given his entire adult life to serving the next generation of young people in a variety of practical ways. He is a trained counsellor who walks closely with at risk teenagers during some of their darkest hours. He has written half a dozen youth ministry books and has travelled globally in obedience to God’s call on his life.

Thoughts About God

A website based ministry, Thoughts About God provides Christian material to help people in their spiritual Journey. Along with Biblically focussed topics, mentors and prayer partners are available to anyone searching for answers and help. Their vision is to see people grow in their relationship with Christ.

Saliem Kievit

Saliem is from Eritrea and has a passion to reach her own people, both in Africa, and abroad. She is a gifted writer and is producing Christian books in order to provide a ministry to Eritreans everywhere. Saliem lives in the Lower Mainland and has five children.

Ajay Caleb

Ajay works to connect relationships with like-minded and similarly-burdened agencies which possess complementary abilities. He works to find interagency synergy that will produce the most mutual increase and blessing to one another’s efficiencies.
Ajay also focusses on the implementation of pragmatic courses of economic development for MMF and other agencies in the most economically severe districts – starting with rural Africa, India, Central and South America, SE Asia.

Arlyn VanEnns

As a veteran missiologist, Arlyn’s focus with MMF is to strategize-for, facilitate, and expedite Christ-centred, Biblically-enthused leadership within the neediest and ‘least-developed’ Peoples among the Body of Christ. He travels to many different countries to provide education, encouragement, and necessary networking where needed.

Got Questions

Got Questions Ministries seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence. MMF partners with Got Questions on specific projects like translation work to help increase their global impact.