South Asia

South Asia

Light of Life Compassion Ministries - Jonathan Kandala

Jonathan works in Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh state, and in the surrounding villages. He leads an extensive network of local Pastors who are planting churches and spreading the Gospel, many of which are in unreached tribal areas.


By providing leadership training and mentoring for 38 village pastors, Jonathan overseas 30 local churches and helps organize many different types of charity programs that are helping with local development.

Angel Christian Development Association

ACDA is a network of Church Planters based in NW Punjab. They plant churches in villages and slums where the Gospel has not yet been preached. Their vision is to reach the unreached and establish churches for the Glory of God and the growth of the Kingdom. ACDA trains and equips young leaders and then releases them to plant and lead their own Church.

Divine Ministry India

Under the key leaders, this network provides training, education, and spiritual care to existing Pastors, evangelists, and ministry leaders. DMI hosts a 5 month Discipleship training programs for students who have a heart for ministry. Under key leaders, MMF is building a network of new Church Planters and Evangelists who are being trained, released, and supported to reach one of the most unreached areas of the world.

Temple of Love India

Temple of love is a small orphanage for children who comes from destitute and deprived families in Northern India. The mission is to save the children and their parents from a life of poverty and deprivation through Christ’s love and Christian service! Many of the children come from leper colonies whose parents are unable to provide care. Temple of Love provides nurture, care, security, and education all the way to full professional training for students.

Rescue Network Nepal

Churches along the East – West Highway through Nepal have banded together to provide First Aid relief to those injured in traffic accidents. RNN provides training and resources to volunteers and churches so that this ministry is possible. RNN also provides relief and development when needed. Through this ministry, Christians in Nepal are making a difference by living out Jesus’ mandate to serve our neighbours.

Network Rural Mission

Abraham Animalla is the founder of NRM and partners with local Indian Pastors who are working in rural parts of Southern India. NRM is primarily involved with church planting and evangelism. Through the ministries in India, the church is growing, the poor are being cared for, and widows/orphaned are provided humanitarian help where needed. NRM works primarily is two areas of Southern India: Karnataka, and in the suburbs of Hyderabad. 

Indi Village Ministry

Indi Village Ministry lead by Suresh and Roja Vemulapalli, is a ministry centre located in Andhra Pradesh, South India. They focus on serving the poor and educating the young. There is a children’s home and they provide education and scholarships to those who need it most. There is also a ministry focus to the elderly and widows who cannot provide for themselves well. IVM provides Emergency Disaster Service following natural disasters and other emergency situations. IVM is always at the forefront in providing relief to needy people affected in disasters such as floods, cyclones, and fire.


Based in Nagpur, Reaching India Ministries International works all around India training and supporting church planters. They also provide help for orphans and those in need. 
Their primary focus is Bible School training in order to equip Pastors to reach into their communities.

David Rivington

David Rivington is a life long missionary and resides in Thailand. He was with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) from 1980-1988 doing evangelism and church planting among the Thais and Malays. Since then, David has been a “tent maker” as a Project Manager on construction projects while working alongside and with the local Thai church to evangelize, preach, teach, and disciple believers. He is now producing and translating discipleship materials into Thai and other regional languages in order to help train and equip believers who have little to no access to education, books or other materials. 


The Joneses serve the global church in Asia, teaching, promoting prayer and worship, and providing coaching and counseling for individuals and groups. They lead and equip others in the gifts of Christ, mainly teaching others how to foster intimacy with God and how to hear his voice.

Multi-Nation Missions Foundation

Christian Outreach Philippines

Christian Outreach Philippines is focusing on bringing the Gospel of Christ to people in need of salvation. By providing food, clothing, and other necessities to families in despair, we have the opportunity to share the gospel in both word and in deed. We also send Christian education resources and shipments of humanitarian aid and medical supplies. These gifts are always paired up with sharing the Good News face-to-face, and in children’s ministry with bible stories and songs.

Kathmandu International Fellowship

MMF is partnering with an international church in the heart of Nepal. Under the leadership of Gyan Llama, this new church plant is reaching English speaking Nepalese, travelers and expects, with the Good News of Jesus. Our support helps Gyan continue to do what he does as a church planter, pastor, and evangelist.

Multi-Nation Missions Foundation

S & J

S & J seek to share the love of Christ in word and deed as they support locally-led social entrepreneurship that focuses on providing a healthy work-environment, employment opportunities, and personal & community development. 


They also continue to support local believers and church planting initiatives in this unreached region of the world and disciple those that have come to know the Lord.