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Hope Community Centre

Hope Community Center (hcckenya.com) was founded in 1998 by an ambitious young lady affectionately referred to as “Sister Lucy”. Hope Community Center (HCC) is a registered charity in Kenya that aims at giving hope and love to Kenyan street kids.

HCC seeks to create a caring and compassionate environment, where children’s spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological needs are cared for. “This is a home where children are loved.” For more information, please visit:

Christophe & Sybille

Christophe & Sybille (along with their 3 boys) work with Helimission in Madagascar. Helimission’s aim is to bring social, medical and spiritual help to people in remote and inaccessible areas. From their base, they support local missionary organizations in the bush by flying in provisions for them. which include building materials & medical supplies in order to supply and maintain bush hospitals. Further, they fly in medical personnel to treat local inhabitants in remote areas. Many of their flights are to rescue emergency patients and accident victims.

For more information about their work, please visit:

Sister Carole & Anne Schools. Kamukunji Church.

Nicholas Ogago and his staff run a Christian school for over 300 orphaned and needy children in the slum areas of Kenya.

They also do ministry in a growing local church with a neighbourhood evangelism focus.

Kelvin and Nikole Opiyo

Missionaries in Kenya, the Opiyo’s reside in Mombassa and reach at-risk children and youth through a community development program called Rhema Project.

Through soccer camps, mentorships, youth groups, and scholarships, they will be reach children, youth, and families in some of the poorer areas of the city.

Their website for the Rhema Project:

and their blog:

Hands to Heart Foundation (H2H)- Rwanda

Under the leadership of Pastor Dennis, H2H is a holistic ministry that focusses on the transformation and spiritual renewal of Rwandan people based in the capital of Kigali.

His wide variety of ministries include evangelism, church planting, youth groups, Pastoral networking, socio-economic transformation, child sponsorships, outreach to needy families, and skills training for woman through local cooperatives.


Khotso Mokitimi

Based in the small country of Lesotho, Khotso is establishing a ministry that will train and equip young people in farming agriculture in order to provide income and break cycles of poverty. This is a micro-financing initiative with the aim to inspire young entreprneurs with much needed opportunities in an impoverish country. As part of his ministry, Khotso will be raising up Christian leaders through mentorships, bible studies, and church programs. This is a holistic approach to making tangible change in a very poor area of Africa.

Babu and Danae Kigongo

Founders of All Stars in Africa (ASIA), Babu and Danae are passionate about reaching orphans and families in Uganda.

They help provide essential resources for communities that need food, clean water, clothing, and school aid.

Their primary ministry platform in reaching vulnerable families and orphans is through sports.

Through ASIA, relational connections are made and the process of genuine discipleship takes place. To see there website, visit here:

Babu and Danae

Temcy Foundation

Led by Alain Temfack who is based in Delta BC, The Temcy Foundation CARES FOR THE NEEDS OF UNDERPRIVILEGED particularly ORPHANS by providing for basic needs such as food, clean water, Shelter and Education in Cameroon.

TEMCY Foundation believe that through education and a sustained health program these orphans would be able to participate tomorrow in the development of their own community.

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